Digital electricity meter.

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We have 2 installations of solar panels 3200 kiloWatt/hour and 1800 kiloWatt/hour on year basis.
The electricity compagnie has installed in 2020 a digital electricity meter, problem is, the electricity that we inject in the grid during summer is now for the compagnie. We lost the advantage of using the electricity grid as a battery!
Therefor we have to use as mutch as possible the generated electricity at that moment. I was thinking to generate heat with injection elektricity in the seasons spring and fall so we can save natural gas for heating the house. In summertime we can use the AC to cool the house with the injection of electricity.

First step: I have removed our 1800 KiloWatt installation from the south east site of the roof to the south west site of the roof. The solar panels can now produce electricity from the morning till the evening. Peak production at noon is now reduced.

Second step: You can get the data (consumption/proction real time) out of the digital electricity meter on the P1 port and with the software P1monitor running on a raspberry pi. With that software and the pi you can already controle some things through some of the POI pins of the pi.
Better is to send the data of the P1 monitor through mqtt to a brooker mosquitto on a second raspberry pi. On this pi you can use node-red. With node-red you can make a program that is using the data from the P1 monitor.
For instance, you can make a statement when there is export of xx KiloWatt electricity then a switch has to go on to use that electricity for something usefull. In my case it is generate heat in cold days and use the AC in hot days.

In node-red there is a node that can communicate with the ikea hub, once in that hub you can controle the TRADFRI ikea smart plug.



To controle the AC I have maded a smart box to put in the remote controle of the AC.

With an ESP8266, servo and software I can simulate a push on the on/off button.








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